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Original style authentic chicken foot and bone necklace, collare. Braided hemp-cord fetish necklace with chicken foot,  darkened veve painted chicken bones and feathers.

Appearance may vary, as chicken feet and bones vary in appearance naturally. No one necklace will look exactly the same as another.


Feet are washed in omiero, and cured to preserve integrity, as are bones. Hand painted to aged appearance.


The significance of chicken feet and bones varies, from natural curios, charms, talismans and fetish objects, offerings and cleanings, to tools of divination.

Chicken feet and bones are primarily used in both Voodoo, Hoodoo, and JuJu, as charms and talismans. Bones are used in rootwork and Obi and Dilloggun as casting and divination tools. The mingling of African traditions with Native and European forms of divination has produced many variations in hoodoo practices today.

Often misrepresented by Hollywood as morbid, sinister and violent, via imagery of witch doctor