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Custom OSHUN Chicken foot fetish, talisman XL. OSHUN lemon, yellow shades w/cowrirs, earth jute 14.5"

** Limited availability ***
Once these are gone, I do not have access to obtain more of this quality or size. The market has been lacking since Dec 2019...

Used to fan smoke during ceremonies, curio, altar gift offering, protection of home, vehicle and belongings. Not intended to ward off negative energies or dark entities, or for crossing or uncrossing work.

Feet are washed in omiero, cured to preserve integrity, and created with intent for protection, carry ashe' and that of my Orisha and Aje'.


Chicken feet are primarily used in both Voodoo, Hoodoo, and JuJu as a charm and powerful form of protection. They are never used to bring or attract love, money or good luck. However, can be used to protect your love relationship when properly fixed.

For protection of your home, it is best to place them outside the front door. To protect a vehicle, hang them from the rear view mirror. The chicken foot works by "scratching" the would-be thief with it's nails and serves as a warning to wrong doers.