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Adapting to Change

Updated: May 18, 2022

The arrival of 2020 ushered in a new era, and not necessarily for the better. If anything, we as a nation and as humanity, took a giant step back from progress. A bevy of new labels entered with it, like "new normal", "social distancing", "anti-masker", "unprecedented-times", "lockdown", flatten the curve", and so on. Most certainly, the fallout of this agenda saw the rise of billionaires into trillionaires, with big pharma and big corporate banking on the created crisis while We the People spiraled into poverty and homelessness. Most importantly, we witnessed the truly unprecedented fall of so many independent small businesses, and the rise in suicide and deaths after the jab. None of which Garden of Blood & Bone will claim as a "new normal". Instead, we embrace the idea of a better world, removed from all the above. Our focus is what we want that to be...

Adapt, Improvise, Overcome

All things change as they must. Change is part of growth. It is inevitable. Instead of rolling along with it in Kensho fashion (growth through pain), it is always more favorable to take the Satori approach (growth by insight). Satori opens up inspiration, unfolds new ideas and insights that we ignore, put aside, or overlook. It helps in adapting to the change, and therefore overcome it by following the direction the Universe is taking us.

The downward spiral within the last few years has directed us to take a look at how we have been operating our business, and address how we can overcome the issues that have been created by the falling domino's. Primarily, the supply chain issue, and extended carrier delivery issue. Obtaining supplies in a timely manner, obtaining them at all, and standard delivery have fallen victim to the "new normal" society, in addition to the price increases all the way around. In order to address this, we had to improvise in order to overcome.

What we can make versus buying replaced the convenience of one-click supply shopping, thus cutting down on the lack of supplies and lengthy delivery time frames. Supporting local keeps money in pockets and supplies in-house. Online shopping via small businesses versus big-corporate, who no longer offer the enticing 1-2 day delivery guarantees - and most importantly, our money out of Their pockets.

Using Their social platforms for free advertising has not been abandoned. Why pay them, when it can be done by ones self? Therefore, we still utilize the work we put in on the SM outlets. However, we disable Their ability to steal a percentage by the traffic we work so hard to create.

Stay Small and Leave Big Alone (when at all possible)

Garden of Blood & Bone has never dreamed of obtaining big-corporate status, raking in the millions at any cost. We create for the love of creating, not the almighty dollar. We believe in making art affordable and accessible to the majority, while maintaining quality and craftmanship. Something that is becoming increasingly challenging to do with increasing prices by the platforms we are so typically resigned to use.

The pieces we create are hand made with intention and heart. We support small businesses, because small business maintains the quality, human contact, caring and heart that big corporate discards. Small businesses are the thorn in corporations side. We are the self sufficient, the independent creative collective that keeps them from ruling the world, and stuffing us into their "new normal" box. In all reality, without US, there is no Them.

The Unique Outlives The Mass Produced

The ecommerce market is saturated with the mass produced. Many have taken to this easy approach to an income. In this day and age, income and how it is derived by the majority cannot be faulted. But at the end of the day, the "one of a kind", unique, hand made will outlive the saturated markets. I have seen the rise and fall many times throughout the years. Creativity will always outshine the generic. That is how to stand apart from the crowd - by offering what others cannot, with the best service and quality possible. Going above and beyond. Word of mouth is the best free advertising there is!!

Offering a diverse selection broadens the customer base. Quality and service keeps the customers returning.

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