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For security reasons, and to prevent fraud, we only ship to the shipping address listed on the order. No exceptions.

Please make sure your address information is updated to prevent delays. Requests sent via form submission or direct messaging will not be honored, and you will be notified of our posted policies. Failure to respond will delay start of order. No response will result in order cancellation.

This policy is put into place for the protection of the card holder, and merchant.


Rush requests are considered and additional fees will apply. Extended work hours are necessary to accommodate rush requests,  in order to keep in-house orders on their projected shipping time lines. Please inquire prior to ordering to ensure your request can be accommodated.

We do not honor customer notes indicating rushes. If your order is time sensitive,  please let us know ahead of time,  and do not assume a note on your order is binding or will be fulfilled.

DAMAGED DURING DELIVERY (see shipping policy)

DELIVERED - NOT RECEIVED (see shipping policy)
RETURNS & EXCHANGES (see shipping policy


All items are made to order, with intent for protection and have ase. This does not mean they are "charged" for anything specific (i.e. luck, love etc.), unless requested and billed accordingly.

Each order is personally hand-packed in ritual fashion, in a specific order, with ewe, house signature blend oils, cards/seals, etc. (not applicable on paintings/prints, and mixed media staffs and millinery items). Items are weighed, photographed and recorded.

Due to ritual order of packing, there is no possibility for receipt of an "empty box". However, we look into such claims when presented. Photographic evidence of shipping packaging and item packaging is required.


All sales are final, due to the nature of made to order items. Some exceptions may apply within 24 hours of placement of an order. Cancellation fees may apply. All altar statues, fetiche statues, mixed media sculptures and Santa Muerte altar statues in production do not qualify for exceptions.



We value the privacy of our customers. The information provided at time of order will not be shared or sold to third parties by Garden of Blood and Bone. We are not responsible how this information is stored or used by Affirm or Paypal, and is outlined in their posted privacy policy.

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